Greenhouse cleaning service

The most important greenhouse maintenance is keeping it clean and tidy.

Ideally anything newly introduced into your greenhouse should be clean, and if possible, sterilised – certainly where soil or compost are concerned. The warm humid environment is ideal for many pests and diseases which lie dormant in old potting and seed compost. So regular cleaning is essential.

Any time from late autumn to early spring is perfect for a good clean up, cleaning the glass and into all the corners, as well as your pots and trays. Hot soapy water is the best cleaning material to use along with a good deal of elbow grease!

If the job is too big – or too onerous, then we offer a Clean and Care service where we clean your greenhouse with high pressure hoses inside and out to remove all algae, built up dirt and lurking nasties. Again, just give us a call to chat it through.

What does the Alitex clean and care SERVICE entail?

  • Aluminium and glass is cleaned using a mild lifting agent (bio-degradable) and hot jet wash both internally and externally. The structure is then rinsed off using distilled water to minimise water marks leaving the greenhouse sparkling. It is important to note that the internal areas of the greenhouse should be cleared of all plants prior to our fitters commencing work. All glass overlaps will be power washed to remove the majority of algae that may be present. Downpipes will be disconnected prior to commencing work.
  • N.B. Removal of lime scale caused by internal and external watering systems is not included in this specification.
  • Note: There will be a minimum level of overlap stain remaining – it is not possible to remove all traces of algae.
  • All gutters and valleys will be cleaned out and downpipes checked for blockages.
  • The underside of benches and floors will be disinfected with a solution of suitable fluid (Jeyes fluid)
  • Th internal reservoir will be emptied out and cleaned.
  • Heating duct grids will be lifted and heating duct cleaned out
  • All moving parts will be checked and lubricated. This applies to the vent torque tube supports, auto vent mechanism, auto vent opener pivots and adjusters and door hinges and locks. Also rack and pinion vent opening mechanism.
  • Replace any broken or cracked sheets of glass. Provision is made to replace 10 sheets of glass without additional cost (except where safety glass is required)
  • All shades will be cleaned in situ and re-tensioned where necessary. Shade cords will be replaced as necessary. If required the shades will be taken down to be cleaned.
  • Note: Shades will not be restored to their original condition, as algae staining cannot be completely removed.

What do we need from you?

Please ensure the greenhouse is clear before our arrival on site

We need use of a 13 amp power socket

And finally a cold water supply

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