Mottisfont greenhouse used for displaying Cacti

Mottisfont from The National Trust Collection
Wood Sage (RAL 7032)
2.6m x 4m

Two years ago, when our clients moved into their home, one of their first tasks was to update the garden. They decided that a new greenhouse from our National Trust Collection was an important investment for their new garden.

The structure needed to be beautiful and big enough to house a large collection of expanding cacti. A Mottisfont greenhouse from our National Trust collection was chosen after a visit to our show site, and the clients felt that the colour Wood Sage would compliment their surroundings.

Although cacti enjoy warm conditions, the greenhouse could get too hot for them; for extra ventilation our client decided that it would be beneficial for us to create a bespoke screen door, with hinges that come apart so it can easily be taken off and stored in the winter. Most of the collection is displayed in the main part of the greenhouse which, during winter, is kept at 5 degrees, “it is important that cacti get a cool period to winter over and become fully dormant,” our client commented. A few of his plants are a little more sensitive, these are kept in the custom-made propagator designed by Alitex, “these plants are kept at 10 degrees throughout winter so they don’t die.” The propagator stands a little higher than most and has a mono-pitch frame, giving our client more height for the taller plants.

Some high level shelving along the gable end, as well as benching around two sides of the greenhouse, give our client plenty of display and storage space. We provided a sheet of aluminium to replace the standard hydroleca, so that his smaller pots could stand up; he is also hoping this acts as a slug deterrent, which is working so far.

Now that our client is settled in his greenhouse, he feels that the next step might be to contact Alitex for some gable end shades, “as my plants are quite low down, they can get scorched easily, so roller blinds on the end of the greenhouse would be really beneficial.”

Our client has been very satisfied with his new greenhouse, commenting:

Since having the Alitex installed back in May, everything is coming back into good order; my plants are much happier as they are receiving more light,” he smiled. The little touches that we add to our greenhouses really make the difference and our client is particularly pleased with the spandrels, “it doesn’t cost any extra to create them nicely, I am really happy with the result.”

To find out more about our client's cacti collection and how it all began, read the full story here.

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