Tatton greenhouse with cold frames in Wood Sage

Tatton from The National Trust Collection
Wood Sage (RAL 7032)
2.9m x 5.1m

Our Surrey based client had an old greenhouse that she was looking to replace with something “nicer and bigger” – The Tatton Greenhouse from the National Trust Collection fit the bill perfectly.

As the new Tatton greenhouse was going to be taller than the previous, our client decided to sink the entire area surrounding the greenhouse. This worked really well and looked stunning.

Having been used to growing in a greenhouse, our client was clear on what she wanted; from a raised planter to grow tomatoes, benching, high level shelving, cold frames with vent slides either side of the lobby and lights to extend the working hours in the greenhouse. They later decided to add external shades - whilst it was not a problem to fit shades after the project was completed, it is rare to find a greenhouse that does not require some sort of shading, we recommend considering from the start. 

In the past, our client overwintered her citrus plants in her greenhouse and found they took up all the space. However, with the extra space and the extended lobby in the Tatton, our client has been able to include the tender citrus plants and finds that she still has gardening space to spare. 

The light was coming into its own, and once the Alitex Tatton was built, our client had noticed that in colder and darker months she is still able to get on with her gardening, protected from the elements and safely tucked inside her new greenhouse.

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