Cliveden Greenhouse with bespoke colour match

Cliveden Greenhouse from the National Trust Collection
Bespoke colour match
3.5 x 6.4m

Louise Drayton of Italian Terrace Terracotta Pots added a National Trust Cliveden Greenhouse to her already stunning Suffolk garden. 

Louise knew what she wanted and there was no compromise. Cold frames were fitted either side of the lobby along with four vent slides to control the air circulation; fell shades were also added to the outside, southern slope of each roof side. When it came to the interior, Louise was certain on how she wanted it to look. Traditional benching was added, along with a reservoir, propagator, potting shoe and some high level shelving.

It was important for Louise to have a greenhouse that blended in with its surroundings. We worked closely with her to create the perfect bespoke colour and applied it to the accessories as well as the greenhouse structure itself.

After the build, Louise spent as much time as she could in her greenhouse- regardless of the weather conditions, which was a novelty to her. Her previous greenhouse had lasted 30 years but was not somewhere she felt particularly safe in when high winds gusted. She could happily say she felt snug in her Alitex greenhouse.

Italian Terrace make the most wonderful terracotta pots, therefore the greenhouse was going to be used in the traditional way to plant and propagate. But for Louise it was so much more than that – it was about creating her own space.

In choosing the Cliveden, Louise was certain she made the right decision immediately. She fell in love with the shape, size, extended feature lobby and the fact there was so much flexibility for layout inside the greenhouse.  

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