How to clean your greenhouse

How to clean your Alitex Greenhouse

You should be cleaning your greenhouse at least once a year to prepare it for the growing season. Why? To remove algae, moss, bugs and possible disease To maintain a healthy growing environment To keep it looking its best What else do I need to...More >
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A Seasonal Guide to Vegetable Greenhouse Growing

Winter (December, January, February) Although the colder months tend to be quieter in terms of sowing, there is still a range of vegetables you can begin early - making use of your heated propagator and window sills. Celeriac, Celery and Rhubarb...More >
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Tulips at Torberry

Preparing your spring garden

It's that time of year again where any glimpse of sunshine has us knee deep in soil and we hope that the rain will hold off for a bit longer whilst we get just one last thing planted! Our gardens are the pride and joy for the summer months, whether...More >
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Screen shot of new Alitex website - home page

Welcome to the new Alitex website

It’s been a busy start to the year here at Alitex HQ, but we are finally able to share some exciting news; the launch of our shiny new website. As well as a modern new look and a collection of inspiring images, we’ve also added some features that...More >
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Tasks and Tips for your greenhouse in November

There are lots of things you can do in your greenhouse during November to be well-prepared for next year's growing season. November is all about maintenance and cleaning... Temperature It's a good idea to try and maintain a minimum temperature of...More >
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Mike from our after care department

Alitex Greenhouse Aftercare Service: Here to help

In sixty years of business you can imagine that we have sold a fair amount of greenhouses . With that comes an increased demand from our customers for a service which keeps their greenhouse looking and working as well today as it did on the day it...More >
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Jess, Alitex Project Manager, works on customer care

Customer Care at Alitex. The challenge of exceeding expectation

Not sitting on our laurels and focussing on a high level of customer service to complement your purchase from Alitex is always on the mind of all Alitex employees, but for Jessica Sims it is her mission. Speaking to Alitex clients, our designers,...More >
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