Choosing your greenhouse colour

When deciding on your final greenhouse colour, our experts are here to help you. We work with you to make sure that your greenhouse colour is right for you and your surroundings; creating a harmonious balance between your garden and home. 

At Alitex, we have years of experience in understanding colour matches and how they can enhance a final product. So, whether you are starting from scratch or are trying to colour match from your home or garden, our experts will work with you to make sure your final colour is the right one for your greenhouse project. 

Our colour selection is vast, ranging from classic shades of white, through to muted greens and greys, dark greens, browns, and more diverse bold colours including reds, blues, purple, silver and black. We also have a selection of exclusively inspired fauna and flora colours for our National Trust Greenhouse Collection; derived from our country surroundings in South Harting, Hampshire. 

Once your colour is finalised, the aluminium structure is powder coated in our factory and then baked in our paint ovens to create a tough durable end result. Our highly skilled paint team deliver consistently superior and uniform finishes, ensuring that regular testing is met to exceed all important industry standards.

“The use and arrangement of colour enables us to create beauty and harmony and to express our own personal taste.”

Pantone book of colour, Abrams







National Trust colour palette

Chalkhill Blue
Sussex Emerald
Wood Sage
Downland Stone